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Education can never start too early, like playing Classical music for an unborn child..(grades Kindergraden through 6th) read more...
These students - in this age group - are our leaders of tomorrow (grades junior high through high school) read more ...
The cost of college is out of reach for many young Americans,(post-secondary college, graduate or trade schooling) read more...
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Would you like to donate to your old almummata or is the school a part of your local community and you'd like to support a new program? Regardless of your reason, know that public schools in general are extremely underfunded regardless of the state they reside in. Funding levels show large disparities, ranging from a high of $18,165 per pupil in New York, to a low of $5,838 in Idaho, according to a 2017 national report by ELC (Education Law Center).  This is a perfect example of how funding for education in the United States is not equal or fair and needs to have outside influence to be corrected.  

Nominate a special student or a specific group. Know a club that needs funding.  Students across the nation are getting more involved in their community, having a positive impacting on their own education and the people around them. The struggle students’ face is finding proper funding to enhance or perpetuate their education further. This has become a daunting task by itself and consuming valuable time.  Students should be able to focus on learning, careers and their future. We support sites that help fund students. On behalf of the student you are supporting, thank you!  
Support a teacher in the classroom doing the work you admire.  Needless to say, the income level of teachers in general is low, combined that, with the lack of funding in a school or state and we have a formula for failure.  Try teaching technology to students without computers or reading without books.  As a technology teacher I can tell you it can be done. However, this is not the most conducive method for learning.  Why do teachers fight the uphill battles?  We do it for the students (our children) until we can make the playing field level.   Show an amazing teacher your appreciation.

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